Friday, January 20, 2017

[Typing-15] Cristmas

I like Christmas very much because I can get a present. My mother told me that “If you behave yourself, Santa Claus gives a present.”, when I was a child. So I believe that there is Santa Claus. I’m looking forward to giving a present. I these days, I leaned about Christmas for Different Culture Understand in class. It was very fan. There was a lot of what I didn’t know. In these days, I always listen to music of Christmas. I like “Christmas song” very much. Artist of this song is back number. I like back number very much. I recommend to everyone that everyone should listen this song.

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[Typing-14] Last weekend

I’m going to write about my last weekend. I had been to Tokyo with my first older sister in from November 26 to 28, because I went to meet my second older sister. She lives in Saitama now. In November 27, I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with my sisters. I really enjoyed. I visited many attractions. My favorite attractions are Toy Story Midway Mania and Raging Spirits. Toy Story Midway Mania is vary popular. I had waited for 3 hours. Raging Spirits is very scary, but this is very interesting. I want to go to Tokyo Disney Sea again. I had a good time.

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[Typing-13] My favorite music

I'm going to write about my favorite music. I always listen to music in my free time. I really like to listen to music. My favorite artist is back number. They are trio. My favorite song is Christmas song. This song is just right in this season. I always listen this song in my car. I like winter very much. Christmas day is coming soon. I can't wait Christmas day. I'm going to go to Kagoshima with my boyfriend in Christmas day. I have made plans for my trip to Kagoshima now. I'm looking forward to Christmas day.

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[Typing-12] My favorite movie

I’m going to write about my favorite movie. I like watching movies very much. My favorite movie is Rapunzel. I have watched this movie in many times. I like Disney princesses very much. Among of all Disney princesses, I like her the best. Rapunzel is the lovely girl. I want to become the lovely girl like her. And, I like Eugene Fitzherbert. He is very handsome. I like them very much. I recently collect the Rapunzel’s goods. For example, hand towel, lunch box and so on. I want to watch this movie again now, I’m going to go to TSUTAYA today.

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[Typing-11] My favorite sweets

I like sweets very much. My favorite sweets are cream puff, strawberry sponge cake and cookies. In particular, I love strawberry tart. When I was a high school student, I sometimes cooked a cheese tart, cookies and sponge cakes. So my family always ate it. They said, "This is very delicious." I was glad to hear it. One of my dreams is to eat strawberry sponge cake one whole just alone. When I eat to sweets, I almost order strawberry sponge cake. I sometimes want to cook various sweets. And I want to be able to cook a lot of sweets. I have to practice to become able to make it by myself in the future.

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[Typing-10] My plan

I'm going to write about my plan in next week. Next week, November 11th, I become 22 years old. So, I'm going to go to Nagasaki with my boyfriend. I'm looking forward to going to Huis Ten Bosch. Now, the illumination is very beautiful. When I was the child, I went to Huis Ten Bosch with my family. I enjoyed very much. I'm going to go to Huis Ten Bosch after a long time, so I'm excited very much. I will become my lovely birthday. I want to become next week early. I read a pamphlet everyday.

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